About us

Notalis is a company offering accounting services tailor made to each of our customer’s business needs. We also offer business support through individualised business consultancy and analysis, so that you can have the best possible insight into your business whenever you need it. We feel it is important that the managing director of his or her firm has insight into their company’s business not only at the end of each fiscal year, but during the entire year as well.

Notalis employs highly qualified personnel with 14 years of on-the-job experience for positions of accounting manager and final accounts officer.
We know company management and are quite familiar with what is needed to run a successful company – and all the pitfalls entrepreneurs are met with.

We feel accounting is not just raw data crunching; data editing should serve as a window into the company’s business, and a source of information essential for positive, correct reactions on the market which will make you better than your competition.

If you decided to give running a company a try, but you aren’t sure of its form, or what you need to open it, we are here to offer support and guide you to accomplishing your goal with minimum fuss.

Our company uses methods which ensure profit growth to our clients:

  • Accounting
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial planning and cash flow analysis


You can always expect professional advice when you most need it.
Our approach is flexible – we will find a solution that suits you.
Our consultancy methods will allow you to take full advantage of our benefits: your accountant will at the same time be your tax advisor and business consultant.
Timely data processing can ensure you information essential for successful business and decision making.
We are constantly on a lookout for accounting and tax regulation changes, in tune and up to date with laws and their amendments…. In this way we will be the partner who will always inform you of what you need to know on time.

Of course, expect full confidentiality and serious approach to business!